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Women's Clay Circle: Cultivating Contemplative Practice

  • The Ninth House Shop 236 S. Scott Ave Tucson, AZ (map)

A gathering to cultivate the practice of mindfulness through creativity + clay. 
Thursday November 29th 6-8pm
The Ninth House, Tucson, AZ

“Whoever is wakeful, mindful, alert, centered, sensitive, calm and clear, rightly exploring Truth, will, at once, shatter the darkness. So be devoted to wakefulness - and you will realize right here - a self-awakening unsurpassed.” ~ Buddha

In this workshop, we will work on fostering a mindfulness approach to creativity, with an emphasis on process over product. Contemplative Practices promote self-awareness to objectively and mindfully be present and aware of one’s thoughts so they can viewed as transient, flowing in and out of one’s consciousness (along with our feelings, distractions, and desires). 

Creative contemplative practice frees one from judgment, as the objective of practice is not to make “good” art, but simply to observe the mind while engaging in the creative process.

In this workshop:

  • We will experience a brief lesson on traditional earthenware pottery

  • We will explore the technique of coil forming to create a vessel

  • We will emancipate our judgmental thoughts through contemplative meditative practice

10 spots available per workshop.

Workshop seats are nonrefundable. If you are unable to attend, you can sell your seat independently and send us the new name for the guest list.